To participate on the race, registration is mandatory. 
Registration is free of charge.

Registration form

Register for free by clicking on the button:

Registration receipt

If you have not received the registration receipt, check that it has not been left in the spam folder of your email. If not, click on registration receipt and enter your ID and download your receipt:


Once again, all runners taking part in the race will wear a chip.
Runners without a yellow chip will have a bib with a chip on the reverse.
This will give you your exact time for the race.
In order for the bib chip to be read, it must be visible at the front of the body without anything covering it.

Tips to ensure that the chip is read correctly:
  • Put the bib on your chest so that the number is visible to everyone.
  • Use four safety pins at each corner of the bib.
  • Do not cover your number with a jacket, backpack, etc.
  • Be careful not to cover your bib when you take a look at your watch, especially when crossing the finish line.
  • Do not bend the bib, especially the part with the chip.
  • Do not carry your bib-chip in your pocket.
  • Do not remove the foam from the bib.

Time tracking

To qualify for the final diploma and the 3 medals for the first 3 classified in the male and female categories, it is necessary to complete the race, having passed through the different time controls established along the course.

Participants must be recorded passing all tracking points.